Dustin Baker – Stop the Presses

Dustin Baker – Stop the Presses

The newspaper shreds magician , magician wrote on a piece of paper to the audience custody prophecy , let the other volunteers came up , the blindfold , holding these papers shuffled random fragments , then the magician to him a marker make a mark in the newspaper. The goggles won the audience read out their own place marking text, magician predictions and these words just want to fit the next sentence .

Effect The magician borrows a newspaper from a nearby spectator, and then proceeds to rip the paper into pieces. He now jots down a prediction on a piece of paper and hands it to the same spectator to hold for later). He has a volunteer come forward and blindfolds them. They then take the paper and are asked to shuffle pieces off until they feel like stopping. When they stop, the magician hands them a sharpie and asks them to make a dot on the paper. The magician now takes the stack . of papers and asks them to remove the blindfold The spectator now reads the word that they randomly placed the dot on, followed by the rest of the sentence – this is found to match the prediction perfectly.

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