Dragon Thread by Mike Wong

Your hands are shown completely empty – fingers wide apart – before, during and after this effect!

Download : Rapidgator | Uploaded | Alfafile
Size : 51 MB

EFFECT: Remove a 15″ length of string, tear it into several small pieces and place them on a spectator’s palm. Now gather the broken pieces, roll them into a ball, and proceed to unravel the fully restored string! Read that again. It sounds impossible. It looks impossible! It is impossible. But you do it and repeat it immediately – anytime, anywhere, under any conditions! Mike Wong’s Dragon Thread comes with a professional shot video, complete with over the shoulder explanations. Also included is enough Dragon Thread for hundreds of performances. Forget the old way of performing Gypsy Thread – do it the WONG way! They hear and see the thread break! They hold the broken pieces while you show your hands empty! The thread never leaves their sight!

*No Lapping!
*No Palming!
*No Get-Ready!
*Repeats Immediately!


  1. can you please reupload>

  2. can you please reupload?

  3. Links broken!

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