Docc Hilford – SHAME (All 2 Video+PDF)

SHAME is a type of gimmick, that when specially applied to a deck of cards, enables you to…
  • Instantly KNOW any card CHOSEN,
  • Immediately KNOW any card THOUGHT of,
  • Impossibly CAUSE someone to THINK of any card you wish!

That’s it!
Included in the SHAME package is…
12 SHAME  Tricks:
  1. Dual Control – Shuffled deck is cut into two equal piles – 2 spectators pull a card from each half, remember it and replace in the other half – Halves are placed in mentalist’s left and right pockets – mentalist brings 1 card out in each hand – The chosen cards are named – Mentalist has the correct cards! – Deck may be examined.
  2. Snap Reveal – Deck is shuffled – Card selected, noted and returned – Deck is shuffled – Card is immediately named by mentalist!
  3. Sneak Reveal – Deck is shuffled and spread – Card is chosen, noted, returned – Deck is boxed and set aside  – Chosen card can be revealed in any manner
  4. Prophecy – Mentalist writes a prediction on billet – Deck is shuffled – Cards are riffled for subject to THINK of any card – Card is named – Prediction is correct!
  5. Howl – Deck is mixed – Subject thinks of a number – Mentalist deals until stopped at number – Card is noted and returned to dealt cards – The rest of deck is dealt on top – A third party (waitress) reveals card!
  6. Ms. Mystique – Three people take a card, free choice – Cards are replaced anywhere and deck shuffled –  Deck is fanned toward audience, its normal – Then fanned to Spectator and he names the 3 chosen cards! (Full deck if desired)
  7. Hoy to Hoy – Three people take a card and replace it in deck – No handling, cutting or shuffling, rubber banded – Deck is riffled for 3 different people to look at any card – The chosen cards are named – They match the 3 thought of cards!
  8. Greatest 3 Billet Test Ever! – 3 men each choose cards from shuffled deck and return them – The deck is boxed – They write the card names on billets – mentalist reads their minds.
  9. Mental Epic – mentalist writes prediction billet, S1 chooses card and returns it – M writes 2nd prediction, S2 chooses card and returns it – M writes 3rd prediction, S3 merely thinks of a card in the deck – all 3 predictions match selections. (Riffle force)
  10. Any Card Thought of at Any Number – Man thinks of a number and goes to a table where a shuffled, but sealed deck is – Woman THINKS of a card and joins man at table – Sealed deck is opened and dealt to man’s number – it’s woman’s card! (Use Shame secretly)
  11. Any Card – Second method
  12. Special Effect – Mentalist imagines an unbelievable effect, and performs it!
Shiners or reflectors,
Cut outs, windows or holes,
Daub or slick wax,
Sticky or Rough/Smooth,
Specially printed cards,
Duplicate cards,
Stripped or trimmed cards,
Short, wide, long, or thick cards,
Markings or anything to read,
Secret lifting, tilting or edge glimpsing,
Cuts, flaps, threads or hairs,
Nothing written or carbons,
Stooges or confederates,
Sleight of hand!
SHAME Features:
All 52 cards and a Joker are used,
All cards are single cards,
All cards are from the same, regulation deck,
Any card chosen is a FREE CHOICE,
Mentalist can display normal deck any time,
Deck can be spread and shown any time,
Spectator can examine cards,
Spectators can shuffle all the cards,
Can be used with any brand deck, even special back designs,
You can remove SHAME gimmick and use as a 100% normal deck,
When the gimmick reveals the chosen card, it’s as big and easy to get as handshake.
The ‘Reveal’ is secret and almost instantaneous.
SHAME’S “Reveal” is so clean that a spectator can read it, and not know how they did it!
Remember, SHAME reveals chosen cards, even if they’re only thought about!!!
PLUS, using the ‘Reveal’ in reverse, SHAME can make a subject THINK of any card!
You Get a full MP4 Video file – with over 90 minutes of demonstrations.
12 different and original effects are explained.
HUNDREDS of effects are possible with SHAME.
Once you learn SHAME, card mentalism will be FUN!

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  1. This is a very good book.

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