Digital Force Bag by Nick Einhorn & Craig Squires (App+PDF+Video)

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This app is a unique digital tool for the serious mentalist or magician and is available for entertainment purposes only.

DFB has been designed to allow the user to force any one of 100 items.
It is easy enough for an eight-year-old to operate but useful enough for the
world’s greatest magicians!

Two effects are included to get you started immediately and an option to fully
customize DFB for your own personal use is currently included free!

Key Features
● Easy to learn and remember
● Fully customizable for your own routines and languages
● Your audience will never suspect you are using a magic app
● Fun for the aspiring beginner and an absolute essential for the professional
● The result can be different every time
● The export option allows you to share your routines with friends worldwide


  1. Tempus by Lloyd Barnes plz

  2. Thank you!
    Please upload the new 1.5 version

  3. Thanks for sharing.

    Please upload AnyWeb too

  4. Can you upload the last PRO version? Thank you

  5. Downloaded the zip file. But it says couldn’t unpack files. package is corrupted. Please help

  6. I want to change the interface of the digital force bag app

  7. Hello Can you post Topas levitation did it in fool us

  8. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you won”t stop the flow of such magical material!

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