Digital Divination by Alan Rorrison

Bildergebnis für Alan Rorrison - Digital Divination

A new high-tech prediction method. Something completely new.

Prediction effects are a dime a dozen. Let’s face it, every week one is placed on to the market and the hype that surround most of them lead to the buyer being let down and disappointed. This is a messenger based prediction effect designed around Windows live and Yahoo messenger that will leave your online spectator dumb struck.

You link your friend to a small sound file but before they listen you ask them to say the first thing that comes into there head. They do this and to their amazement, the sound file that has been there the whole time predicts the word perfectly. It is that simple! With this download you will have the power to predict any chosen word, do the perfect booktest with any book they own and with out being in the same country never mind the same room.

All you need is a messenger (ex. Windows Live) that allows you to send a file, a sound recorder (like the Windows built in sound recorder) and your PC. With these you will be able to predict with 100% accuracy ANYTHING they can think off. This will open up a whole new word of mentalism to you and a whole new world of amazement for your spectators.

“Guys seriously this is a really cool effect! LOVE the method and if done in the right context this effect WILL KILL! great job Alan!” – Justin N Miller (pro magician)

“Digital Deception, is not only very modern and clever prediction it also has hundreds of possibilities, a sure fire way to fool friends and family via the internet. A winner in my book.” – Matt Colman (pro magician)

“Wow! You really caught me of guard with this one! Such a fantastically deceptive method. A real winner!” – Jamie Daws


Digital Divination by Alan Rorrison
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