DEVIL IN DISGUISE 2 BY PETER TURNER (only Premium) (Re Upload)

Bildergebnis für Devil In Disguise 2 by Peter Turner

Note: “Devil in Disguise 2” will be limited to 250 copies for worldwide sale.  

“This is the project that I’ve always wanted to capture and I am happy to say that I have! It took more than 12 months but we got there in the end. I’ve been very quiet on the details so apologies for the radio silence to all that have messaged me about this project”. – Peter Turner


The “Devil in Disguise 2” is a hand engraved memory stick, with a wax stamped and signed tag (reverse side containing a password to access the video content).

On the stick, you will get –

16 solid routines and brand new principles, in-depth discussions and explanations with guest appearances from Michael Murray, Fraser Parker, Mark Chandaue and Steve Wood.

All filmed in crisp HD (no regional issues) – With added security protecting your investment.


A Kick to the Teeth:
The performer places a prediction on display ahead of time. Four participants (can be more or less) think of a random word as a team. The prediction is shown to match 100% … Oh and the kicker? It just so happens the participants played a bigger role than they could have ever known. If you take the first letter of each of their names it spells the exact word they thought of!

The participant starts with a simple display of thought reading using cards (GROAN) but ends up diving too deep into the participants mind revealing ANY merely thought of piece of information (drawing/ name etc.) no one ahead and no strange process – this is psycomechanical (you’ll understand why I coin it that when you see this).

Try to Hypnotise Me: 
The performer places a piece of card with a number on it face down and tells the audience that the card will be important in a moment. A participant thinks of a random four-digit number – there is no way that the number could match the one that the performer wrote before the participant ever thought of a number… But that doesn’t matter – The performer talks about mind control and how he can replace ANY thought to match his.

The performer starts by erasing the numbers from the participant’s mind after a few seconds the participant cannot say/ remember the numbers! Then the performer shows the group what was written at the start (without the participant seeing) and proposes to implant those numbers into the participant’s mind proving he can replace any given thought. After talking to the participant openly for a second openly (not whispered or covertly) he asks the participant what numbers are in their head – much to the surprise of everyone the participant says the numbers that were written long before the performance.

Variant #2:
A voodoo variation (with a doll) of the above presentation where you literally control the participant’s actions. Another “Psychomechanical” piece of chicanery,

To Name a Place: 
My take on the classic name place routine. With my updated handling of the “one ahead” principle, touches and techniques that take the “one ahead” to a new level. Oh and the participant never writes anything down in this making it slick and streamlined. Oh, and as a kicker, you can also reveal what the participant changed their mind from (no one ahead)!

Time for a Date? :
Another classic technique presented in a way that is new fresh and interesting. This will make you smile like crazy. This enables me to reveal a participants date of birth, playing card, any object/ item from a list, pin code, imagine being sat at dinner and asking someone to open the menu think of any meal on there and being able to reveal it in seconds. Oh and guess what – YOU ASK THE PARTICIPANT NO QUESTIONS. This is mechanical.

Pigs on Steroids :
A principle to take “Piggybacking” to new levels. Subtleties touches and performance ideas with two routines that are simple, quick but crazy powerful.

Countdown/Phantom Book Test (+):
The participant thinks of a word from an imaginary dictionary and you have predicted it in advance. No obscure process and the method is over in one sentence – meaning that you are free to present this the way that you choose. Alternative presentations with an in-depth discussion of a clever multiple out system most of you will have on your persons as you are reading this.

Missing in Action (+): 
Four participant’s each think of a random singular digit to (as a group) generate a random pin code. You can reveal the pin code with no fishing!!

Variant #2:
The participant is asked to think of random digits from their bank card (without ever removing it) and you are able to reveal them.

File : 24
size : 17 GB
14 Hours 




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