Destiny’s Child by Cameron Francis

Destiny’s Child is more than just a great pop band, it might just be your new favorite card trick. This trick plays really big. There are multiple phases, everything is impossible and the plot is very unique.

Spectator cuts the deck as much as they want. She then cuts to any card she wants and places that card under her hand. No one knows the identity of this card including you. A prediction is made to guess the identity of the card and she places the mystery card anywhere in the deck face down. When you turn the card face up it is found that your prediction was correct. Not only that but she placed her card exactly where it would be in new deck order. Then you end the effect with an impossible transposition.

Destiny’s Child can be performed over and over and it is not the same card every time. The effect is easy to do and takes very little prep.

Destiny’s Child by Cameron Francis
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  1. Please upload false messiah by fraser parker

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