Desert Rose by Chris Randall

“How much audiences love this trick will SHOCK YOU.”

I’m going to say something that will surprise you: When you make a rose out of a napkin, you don’t even NEED to do magic. It’s THAT much of a crowd pleaser. And before I actually did it, I didn’t believe it. I COULDN’T believe it.

So when you DO A TRICK with that rose, it’s like pouring FUEL ON A FIRE.

Chris Randall is world-famous for his napkin magic, and he’s finally teaching his reputation making routines. You’ll never look at a napkin the same way again.

“Magic is about connecting with people. And Chris Randall does it with nothing but NAPKINS.” -Maxwell Murphy

As a single magician working in Vegas, Chris spent years developing a bullet-proof set of tricks to have fun, amaze.. and even get a date!


1. How he rips and VISUALLY RESTORES a napkin-rose.

2. How he makes the perfect napkin rose (worth the price alone)

3. Special bonus for the single crowd: Chris teaches his now-famous “7 Digits” finale. A super visual trick that ends with a funny and clever phone-number swap.

PLUS: If you have flash-paper, you’ll be able to do Chris’s hyper-visual fire-ball restoration.

PROFESSIONALS: Using nothing but napkins, Chris has a blast everywhere he goes. Refined over thousands of performances, what you’re getting here is a rock-solid stunner.

Desert Rose by Chris Randall
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