Decibel Vision eBook by Mark Elsdon

Decibel Vision eBook by Mark Elsdon —

What’s Is Decibel Vision? The performer opens the phonebook on his phone to a contact labelled simply as ‘The Psychic’. This contact stays open and everyone can clearly see what the number is. Remember: the Psychic’s name and number are known to everyone BEFORE anything else happens.

From a borrowed, shuffled deck a participant freely chooses a card. He then adds a bunch of other cards – three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… as many as he likes. Let’s say for now that he adds seven more for a total of eight.

Using either the performer’s phone, or THEIR OWN phone, either the participant or a random spectator calls the psychic and tells them the eight cards, IN ANY ORDER. The psychic immediately reveals the selection!

What Are The Conditions? No apps. No clandestine phone calls, connections, messaging services or anything else that requires a web connection. ZERO contact between the performer and the Psychic. It doesn’t need to be the performer’s phone – anyone can call the psychic on THEIR phone if you (or they) prefer.

The performer plays NO part in selecting a card, which extra cards are used (or how many!) or the order they are read out.

The performer plays NO part in dialling the number, or talking to the psychic at ANY time. Genuinely, the performer is NEVER in contact with the psychic, before, during or after the performance.

There are multiple presentation options: present it as above, with your ‘Psychic’ friend taking the credit. Or as an experiment in thought transference, telepathy, coincidence or any other premise that takes your fancy.

Best of all, it is SUPER-EASY for both you and your ‘Psychic’ friend to learn. Zero memory work, you’ll both be capable of performing it two minutes after you read it.

Here’s what working pro Gary Jones said about Decibel Vision:

“Just received Decibel Vision by Mark Elsdon – The word ‘Devious’ would be the perfect way to describe this mentalism gem! This isn’t something I would really do table hopping (well I could at certain gigs) but for those informal, (and some formal situations) this is PERFECT.

The effect is, a spectator FREELY selects any card, and with their own phone they call your psychic friend who then tells them which card they selected. The magician says nothing, the spectator can use their own phone, yet the ‘psychic’ reveals the selected card. The deck can be borrowed and freely shuffled, and there is no memory work involved.

This isn’t just limited to playing cards, Mark also explains how to use horoscopes, work lists, ESP cards, random pictures etc….

If you like these type effects then I believe this is THE best version I have ever seen. This would be PERFECT for dinner parties and get-togethers, or when out socialising. I could also see a few mentalists performing this on stage with the phone on speaker next to the mic…..

Will I use this, yes, definitely, especially on a few of my sceptical friends, they would never suss this effect out LOL!” Gary Jones

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