David Williamson – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

David Williamson: Masterclass: Live - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

David Williamson is the IDEAL Masterclass in’structor because he is an expert in so many aspects of magic. He is, quite simply, a living legend, and someone who very rarely teaches in the detailed fashion we’ve established with our Masterclass series. Onstage, he’s larger than life, and has toured the world’s grandest theaters as host of The Illusionists and Circus 1903. Up close, he’s a virtuoso of close-up magic, and an IBM Gold Cups recipient. His presentations are thoughtful without being pretentious, and his handlings are poetry in motion–he has “the touch” we all aspire to. What’s more, Mr. Williamson has studied with many of the greats of the previous generation, and can pass on wisdom from his many influences and mentors.

Across three classes, Mr. Williamson will cover a plethora of refined techniques with cards as well as other objects. The focus will be on technique and a mastery of natural sleight-of-hand. But at

all times the material covered will be practical in nature. You’ll walk away from each lesson with new material in your arsenal, as well as, we hope, some fascinating stories from David’s adventurous life in magic.

Week One (4th October 2020)

Dave’s Gambling Scams Demo
False Shuffles
Cull & Palming/ Replacements Separation
Cutting Aces (DPS)
ACR (doubles/top change/slow motion top change)
Bottom Deal Demo Routine
Call Back Conclusion

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