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We’re pleased to ‘announce your November 2020 Masterclass: Live instructor…David Regal. What makes David an ideal instructor is his multifaceted showbiz background. David began in the New York improv comedy scene, and transitioned into a storied career writing for stage and screen. He has written for some of the top shows and films of the last twenty years. Simultaneously, David has released four enormous book collections of original magic, a series of DVDs, and a near-constant stream of hit tricks. He is, perhaps, the most prolific creator in magic today. This confluence of comedy, writing, and magic makes him an ideal candidate to share with us the real secrets of magic.

David will take us through three detailed lessons in magic, and he’ll impart theory and wisdom, but ALWAYS through practical, fun, original effects. There will be MANY tricks for close-up and parlor taught in full, and ready to be inserted into your repertoire. We’ll see you there…in November.

Week One (1st November 2020)

A Pretty Vanish (Unpub’lished)
Introduction/The Asset We Ignore
How to Fail a Test that Has No Wrong Answer
Interpreting Magic
What’s Happening?
Not Quite Dead
Follow the Leader Assembly (Not currently published)
You & Me
Magic & Improvisation
Applying the Rules of Life
All’s Fair
Origami Bill Switch 2020 (Unpublished handling)
The Puppy Trick
The Harshest (and best) Criticism I ever Received

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