David Hira LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“David Hira is a consummate professional who knows that the true secret to magic resides in the ability to connect with an audience and, without regard to the particular miracles they may have witnessed, have them leave with a smile on their faces. Otherwise stated, David

knows that the secret to magic entertainment lies not so much in the magic as it does in the entertainment. It’s a lesson too few practitioners have learned, and one should not pass up the opportunity to study it with David Hira.”Rich Bloch

“When it comes to thoroughly entertaining an audience with magic, David Hira knows what he is talking about. Do yourself a favor and tune into his Penguin presentation. I know I am!”Kevin James

“The information that David is sharing with you will make you instantly popular and well-liked in any circle, on stage and off! I am always in awe of the energy David gives off, always, no matter what time or day. His philosophy is in the giving because when you give, you receive. David teaches you how to give generously, with your magic, so that what comes back is 10 times more. He will give you tips and ideas on how to make this happen for you, on stage and off! He’s brilliant! Don’t miss it.” Jade

“David Hira is a Master Magician. He regularly performs close-up sleight-of-hand magic to full evening illusion shows. He is a consummate performer and showman. David Hira knows how to ENTERTAIN and ENGAGE the members of his audience. I personally have benefited from his knowledge of presentation and showmanship. His advice has made my magic stronger and. I can honestly say, has made me a better magician.” Lonnie Chevrie

What will he teach?

Toilet Paper Opener: a high-energy opener that’s sure to get attention, involving multiple people right away using an object you’ll find everywhere.

Cards and Wine Glasses: Play big, interesting, and interactive. Cards displayed in wine glasses are eliminated until only one remains. Yes, it matches the prediction.

David’s Silk to Egg: a highly-practical solution which doesn’t require a fragile egg in your pocket.

Rudolph’s Nose: a quick bit where a coloring book picture of Rudolph suddenly glows on the nose!

Mental Photography Surprise: David’s climax to this wonderful stock trick leaves audiences gasping and laughing out of the sheer surprise. Take this deck out drawer and dust it off… you’ll use this all the time!

And so much more… David also shows how you can get people involved even in a simple trick, and a way to use the handkerchief up the sleeve to work the entire room.

Who is he?

David Hira has been entertaining audience for over 45 years. With over 350 paid appearances every year (417 shows in 2014) David has performed for some of the biggest companies for their employee and client events for YEARS and currently performs on cruise ships, at trade show and celebrity home parties. David has worked with and performed for such notables as Gary Sinese, Gene Simmons, President George W. Bush, Tony Orlando, Troy Aikman and many more.

As a Motivational and Keynote speaker, David combines his extensive business background with his magic to illustrate his passion for excelling. With clients that have been with him for 28 years who continue to book David several times each year, David knows how to keep clients and audiences coming back for MORE! Everyone can learn something worthwhile from David. You’ll be energized and find that you’ll want to do more than “tricks”. You’ll want to be a MAGICIAN for those for whom you perform! This will be time well spent…

David Hira LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
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