Darin Martineau – Super Visual Color Changes

Card Tricks Super Visual Color Changes: Martineau, Darin: 9781082218880:  Amazon.com: Books

LEARN HOW TO DO INCREDIBLE AND HIGHLY VISUAL CLOSE-UP CARD MAGIC TO AMAZE AUDIENCES! Learn many of the best color changes and also New Original Stunning Color Changes!This is an advanced close-up card magic book. Very Amazing and Super-Visual close-up magic! Diabolical New methods!Includes all of these revolutionary color changes:THE ECLIPSE COLOR CHANGE, The Fan Impulse Change, THE FAN COLOR CHANGE,ED MARLO ONE-HANDED COLOR CHANGE, The Double Color Change, THE ANGEL CHANGE,THE HUMMER CHANGE, THE SHADOW QUAD CHANGE!Learn Professional Close-Up Magic! Also learn how to get magic shows!These Super visual effects and top secrets are explained in details in words and

many color photos.Master Magician Darin Martineau is an international best-selling author of over 70 magic books! He is an author, mentor and magic creator. He has over 35 years in Magic and is the protege of the World Class Magician Allan Ackerman- who is a protege of the famous Card Expert Ed Marlo.

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