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“Brilliant! You nailed me a half a dozen times. Good work. It just convinces me even more that this is an ideal trick for a bar. You’ve done your homework young man! Good job” Doc Eason, Master Bar Magician.

“If you love card magic with elegance, precision and technical finesse, Dan’s the man. If you couldn’t care less about that but just want to see a master who knows how to engage, entertain and delight people with practical ‘worker’ material, well, Dan’s the man for that as well. There’s a lot of hype and false dawns in the magic world, but Daniel Chard is the real deal: an expert in his field with amazing talent and plenty of smart thinking to share. It’s a joy to see him work or teach. Not to be missed.” -Ian Rowland, Mentalist, Author, Speaker.

“I’ve been a big fan of Daniel Chard’s Card Magic for many years now. His sleight of hand is just beautiful and all of his work has a stunning, visual quality that is a joy to watch!”-John Carey, Author and Lecturer.

“Daniel chard has transcended commercial card magic by breathing new life in to old classics. I absolutely adore Daniel’s Card to box routine….BUY THIS NOW!!!” -Kieron Johnson, The Ice Man And Internal Contortionist.

“Daniel is a real worker… he spent years cutting his teeth at Illusions Magic Bar UK. He’s gone on to not only be an amazing technician and creator, but also one of the finest close up performers in the business. Learn from him!” -James Brown, The Professional Opportunist.

“Dan first entered my bar over 10 years ago when he was a young and shy performer. I have given him advice and guidance which has shaped him as a performer. I’m proud I have also given him the chance to show he can step away from cards and be the true Entertainer he was born to be.” -Mark Bennett, Stage Magician And Creator Of The UK’s #1 Magic Bar, Smoke And Mirrors Magic Bar.

“Dan’s card handling is super slick, and his effects are extremely powerful and commercial. If you are a working magician, or you are thinking of becoming one. Ask yourself, do you want to perform some really hard hitting magic? Then you need to check out Dan’s work!” -Gary Jones, One of the UK’s Top Close Up Magicians.

What will he teach?

During this stand up act, you’ll be learning mentalism, card magic and comedy magic.

Magic that’s practical, playful and most importantly… POWERFUL!

Print: You show a blank deck and visually print the cards in an impressive manner. Establish your skills instantly with your audience.

Wright, Peterson, and Williamson: A modular effect where two signed cards which contains transpositions, restorations and lots of strong magic. Designed for the walk around performer. Included are great ideas by Thom Peterson and Tom Wright.

Chard under Box 2.0: Daniel’s Reputation Builder: The classic card under box on steroids. A routine that’s been refined over thousands of performances. You will use this!

Learn the psychology, timing and misdirection that makes this work.

iPhone 11: A tongue in cheek pin revelation which is very visual. Extremely simple.

Multiple selection: Daniel shares his routine and thoughts on the classic. This routine is interactive, fun and the perfect closer.

Homage to Pepe: A full suit production with a KILLER ENDING. This effect closed Daniels stage show for several years. Inspired by Pepe Carroll and Pedro Bryce.

Bonus 1: Professional Close Up Set

In this bonus 15 minute act, you will learn 3 of my favourite card effects to use at close up shows and one visual non card item.

Decompression: A visual compression routine, which combines ideas from Robert Moreland and Steve Beam.

Kickback Bonanza: A repeat sandwich effect with a kickback finish THEY WONT SEE COMING!

Fiddle With Biddle: The classic effect reworked with a stronger vanish. The spectator will swear that the selection didn’t vanish until the last moment.

Flash Cover: You visually change the cover of a dvd to a thought of film. Great for stage and close up.

Bonus 2: Free Lecture Notes

You receive a complimentary copy of my “The Expert At The Chard Table” lecture notes, which contains some of the effects in the lecture, some of my favourite effects and lots of credits/references for you to explore. (20 dollars Value)

Who is he?

Daniel Chard is a full time professional magician from Bristol, United Kingdom. He is a proud Associate member of the Inner Magic Circle with silver star. Daniel has been involved in magic for around 15+ years, constantly learning, jamming, performing and thinking about the art we all love so much. You will usually see him jamming at a convention.

Daniel is in regular demand up and down the country performing for clients at private events, weddings and corporate events.

Daniel was a resident bar magician at Illusions Magic Bar, Bristol for nearly 10 years. Performing his brand of visual card magic to thousands of audiences. He then spent two seasons performing at House Of Illusion in Salou, Spain. Performing over 500+ bar sets and performances on stage to paying audiences.

Now a days, Daniel is the head magician at Smoke And Mirrors, the UK’s Only Boutique Magic Theatre. Performing close up magic at tables and performing his 60 minute stage show for sell our crowds.

He has three major DVD releases: ‘Chardshark’, ‘Chardistry’ and ‘The Expert At The Chard Table’ which shared his unique style of visual card magic with the magic fraternity. He also published a series of downloads with Ellusionist and had several items published in Magic magazine. Also, Daniel passionately shares his magic at lectures up and down the U.K. and has lectured internationally.

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