Dan Harlan – Tarbell 67 Modern Rope Magic

Tony Lopilato’s Rope-Saver: A cord, wrapped around a package, is cut off and the knot, joining the two pieces, vanishes so the rope may be used again.

The Tony Lopilato Knot: An easy-to-remember, but complicated-looking, knot that’s even easier to get rid of.

The Double Knotter: A strange way to tie two knots at the same time.

Tony Lopilato’s Ring on the Rope: A ring is borrowed, vanishes, and reappears on a rope that is tied around your spectator.

Tony Lopilato’s “Book Mark”: A short piece of rope is used as a bookmark. Then stretches into a much longer piece.

Tarbell’s Rings and Growing Rope: An object, trapped on a short rope, is mysteriously freed while the ends remain in view. Then the rope grows.

Judge Lynch’s Necktie Party: A rope tied around your neck and threaded through your jacket seems to melt right through everything, but takes your tie off as it does.

Dan Harlan – Tarbell 67 Modern Rope Magic
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