Welcome to lesson one on this amazing 3 lesson journey. Lesson one is ideal for anyone who does little, basic or even no coin magic whatsoever.  Just take a look at what Craig is planning to cover on the evening. Grab your ticket today and take advantage of the special early bird pricing!
Coin Magic Academy 1

Thumb Palm
Finger Palm
Classic Palm
French Drop
Finger Palm Vanish
Slide Vanish
Gadabout Coins Remix
The classic three coin trick with a twist
Steel Balls and Silver
Like Gadabout Coins but with steel balls and an ending nobody will see coming
A Transpo routine between a coin and a sponge ball. To finish you fuse the ball and the coin together
Box Clever
A super commercial three phase routine using a German box which ends with all your props vanishing
Pure Coins Across
Craig’s favourite coins across with no extras and no gimmicks
Triple Split
An easy three coin appearance and vanish sequence using one coin
Purple and Green Transpo
The best two coin transpo routine you will ever see. And it’s super commercial
Kickback Matrix
An easy reverse matrix using no extras and no gimmicks with a kickback they never see coming.
Any Coin Called For
A coins across routine with three different coins. And the audience decides the order in which the coins travel across
ESP Coin
A version of the medallion using a coin and a glass. It’s almost self working.
A coin prints itself into the image a spectator is merely thinking of
Coins To Mug
A Coins Across Routine using a mug and four regular coins.
*Even though we aim to cover every item listed above due to fact this is a live event the date and or contents may vary

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