Color Square Readings System by Luca Volpe & Kenton Knepper

Color Square Readings System by Luca Volpe & Kenton Knepper :  newdlmagicstore

From the minds of Luca Volpe and Kenton Knepper come a surefire and colorful way to accurately tell a person their past, present and future!

Squares of many colors are displayed. A participant chooses three colors and a reading is given based upon these choices.You can tell the person about their past, present and the participant’s feelings about their future by using this direct system.

Clearly this is NOT “Myers-Briggs”

We supply you with nineteen colors and their meaning in this system. The colors are squares that may be printed out and cut out, each on their own, or used in rows as shown on our unique Color Evaluation Chart.

NO MEMORY REQUIRED. You will be able to use the sheets and charts as we provide them and perform the reading accurately, right away.

You learn the system as you perform it!

Real life audio readings supplied as part of this system so that you can hear precisely how the system works. Listen to different people’s choices, their reactions, and how easy it is to do profound readings without effort.

Kenton says that Mind Reading Lesson students should consider this MR Lesson 12 A. It is one of two companion pieces that belong with Mind Reading Lesson 12. (The other is the Mystic Name Readings system also available with this in a special package deal.)

You do NOT need to own Mind Reading Lesson 12 to do use this system! Those who do have Lesson 12 will find the Lesson compliments this work and this system compliments that Lesson.

In This System:

* The Color Square Reading System

* Wearing Your Colors On Your Sleeve

* Expanded Color Psychology

* Shades of Meaning

* Color Predominance

* Color Evaluation Chart

* Color Meanings Pages

* The Invisible Color Reading

* Psychic or Psychological? Auras and Chakra Application

* A Mentalist Note

* The Charts

* MP3 Recordings of The System Performed In Real World Situations

This is one of Kenton’s favorite systems to do instant, psychological, non-psychic, legitimately intuitive readings without effort. People will immediately perceive you as an expert in this subject no matter how new you are to it, thanks to the color evaluation sheet used in this system.

This system can be performed online, over the phone, even when you cannot see the colors or none are available.

Direct, profound, yet easy to do, with no memory required and with audio examples recorded in actual readings situations. Hear for yourself the stunning success of this system…and learn it as you listen!

We also suggest you add Kenton’s Mystic Name Readings to your cart when you buy this system, as both are powerful, novel and direct readings systems which also relate to MR Lesson 12, whether you have that Lesson yet or not. You do NOT need the Mind Reading Lessons to use this system. It stands all on its own, as you will both see and hear for yourself!

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