Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell (R Upload Nitroflare)

The most visual sandwich effect you will ever OWN!

You show and shuffle a regular deck of cards. Your spectator selects two cards and signs one. Both cards are replaced into the deck. You remove both jokers and flip them face down on top of the deck.

Without any moves, you spread the top 3 cards. The first selection is found trapped between the jokers.

You hand the selection to the spectator, instructing her to insert it anywhere in the deck. Once again this card is found trapped between the jokers.

Finally, you ask the spectator to shuffle the deck. The deck is spread to reveal the SIGNED cardtrapped between the two jokers!

The signed card is handed out to the spectator as a souvenir!

Manufacturer Says

  • Specially printed bicycle gimmick
  • Comes complete with two stunning handlings
  • Perfect for close-up / Walk-round magic
  • Totally self working
  • Instant reset

Back colors may vary.18

Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell
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