Close-Up Killers by Bob Cassidy (only Premium)

“One of the true geniuses of mentalism.” -Jheff
“Bob Cassidy is the real deal.” -Michael Close

Considered one of the fathers of modern mentalism, Bob Cassidy is a living legend. His ability to distill mentalism down to its raw essence has truly changed the art forever.

On this video, you’ll lean SEVEN tricks to fool your friends, strangers.. even other mentalists.

These seven miracles draw on a lifetime of experience, and are explained by the master himself. Bob has a gift for understanding how people think, and what they believe. This will be a treasure chest for anyone willing to take the time to learn, practice and perform.

Close-Up Killers by Bob Cassidy
Download :  Nitroflare (only Premium )



  1. On other sites for free, so why “only premium” here?

  2. Please give it in Openload

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