CLEAR CHOICE by Thinking Paradox

From the creative team Thinking Paradox comes this great tool for the mentalist to control spectators’ choices without being detected.

The volunteer will be certain he had a free choice, he can even change his mind and his choice is always under your control. You will always know beforehand the the content of the chosen billet.

And here’s the best part: the handling is very easy, undetectable, natural… and even you can perform it completely impromptu! You just need a glass, any glass. Of course, every billet is examinable before and after the effect. No switches!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a magician or a mentalist, just imagine the different uses of this technique. We will show you three high-impact routines (Prediction, Drawing Duplication and ACAAN), but the possibilities are endless.

Please note that instructional video is in Spanish voice with English subtitles.

Download :  Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare (only Premium )


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