Classic Black Watch (Turner Watch) by Nobody Knows

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Lightly Used – In perfect working condition.


Get ready to fool your friends and blow their minds. Encased inside your Turner Watch is a secret that gives you the ability to perform miracles.

Oh, and this can be used as an everyday watch, keeping perfect time down to the second. 

Imagine This: You remove your everyday watch and set it to a new time – when you ask your friend to name any random time it’s a perfect match, always.

Your Turner Watch arrives with everything you need – right out of the box. As long as you have an iPhone or Android device – you’re ready to perform. Item includes a 20-minute HD video tutorial from Chris James.

  • Perform completely solo.
  • The Spectator can hold the watch.
  • Perform Surrounded.
  • Bluetooth up to 10 Metres.
  • Compatible with Apple & Android devices.
  • Use this as your Everyday Watch.
  • Now with a stronger battery.
  • Item works worldwide and in any language.
  • No internet connection needed.
  • Patent Pending Technology.
  • Televised Performance Rights withheld.

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