Christian Grace – Oil And Water Shuffle

Oil And Water Shuffle – My handling on an in the hands red/black shuffle separation. After some overhand shuffles, cuts and a couple of riffle shuffles we are now perfectly set to perform “One colour Focus”, a casual and quick version of “Out of this world”

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  1. Could you upload the other Christian Grace Montyly,
    “Stay Stack in 2 Minutes”
    The Circle ACAAN
    241 TRANSPO

    And also
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    Combo Stripper Deck Jeremy Hanrahan

    WOODY ON STEBBINS Vol 2 by Woody Aragon

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    legacy collection peter turner

    Essentials in Magic Mental Photography Deck

    SVENGALI by Mr. Pearl

    Magicianary Position (Featuring Tworn) by Aaron Jones

    thought control by matt mello

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