Chris Rawlins LIVE

“Chris is the real deal. Original presentations that will grab your audiences and not let go. Highly recommended.” – Bob Cassidy

“Chris is a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer, his skills and talents mesmerised me. I highly recommend you all to see him in action.” – Uri Geller 

“I’m a fan of Chris Rawlins. He knows how to create amazement and he will inspire you to do the same!” – Marc Paul

What will he teach?

In this lecture you will learn how to reveal numbers from a spectators credit card that you never see or touch – during part of an entertaining and playful routine. (Credit Guard)

You will learn how to duplicate a spectator’s drawing under fire with Chris’ approach to the stage drawing duplication – this method is fail-safe, solid, workable and so simple. (REVEAL)

You will learn Hack – Chris’ approach to the classic Al Koran Newspaper Test – a no memory, very easy solution to Koran’s original Headline Countdown.

You will learn a direct, simple, but fooling, Lottery Prediction effect. (Lucky Lottery)

A beautiful and baffling thought-of name revelation that can adapted to all situations, where there are multiple moments of amazement for the spectator having their mind read. (Flutter)

Chris will also share Drop Card – a method that has literally limitless possibilities. The routine shared allows a spectator to guide another spectator to a thought-of playing card, whilst their eyes are closed and you do nothing.

Amongst the effects, Chris will touch upon why he does what he does, and he will also include other options and alternatives for the above effects. One example being, how you can alter his newspaper test to become a very fair and fooling newspaper prediction effect. He will cover how to stage his routines and how to get the most from the spectators on stage with you, whilst going into great depth when explaining each effect.

Chris loves people’s input, he loves to answer questions, and once he has shared the effects mentioned above, and much more, Chris will answer any questions submitted in as great detail as possible.

Who is he?

Chris Rawlins is a 24 year old Professional Mentalist from the North of England who, whilst studying English Literature at University in York, realized that what he really wanted was to make a living from performing. Chris’ passion for Magic and specifically Mentalism has lead him to meet and work for some very interesting people over the past 8 years.

In 2010, Chris published his first manuscript Mind Experiments, with the guidance of Kenton Knepper, which received critical acclaim from the Magic and Mentalism community.

Since 2010, Chris has shared more of this thoughts in various forms. 2012 saw Chris’ release of Roulette, a book full of Mentalism routines and some theory that received great acclaim and comments from Bob Cassidy, Luke Jermay, Graham Jolley, Mark Elsdon, Marc Paul, Banachek, Peter Turner, Colin Mcleod, Chris Cox and Luca Volpe, to name a few. Roulette has since seen a second printing, been released as an ebook and also been recently translated into French.

In 2013, Chris spoke at the much respected Session Convention, about the release of his clipboard peek REVEAL. Luke Jermay said REVEAL was and is “the ultimate clipboard glimpse.” This, like the rest of Chris’ work, received fantastic reviews, acclaim and comments from the Magic and Mentalism community.

Soon after The Session, Chris toured Europe, lecturing all over France, the Netherlands and beyond.

2014 saw Chris release his first stand-alone DVD set with Vanishing Inc. Magic, Leading Thoughts. Featuring live performances of effects from Chris’ catalog, alongside some previously unpublished routines and ideas. Bob Cassidy, Luke Jermay, Mark Elsdon, Michael Murray, John Archer and Graham Jolley have all highly recommended Leading Thoughts, and it continues to receive great reviews on the forums.

In the past 5 years, Chris has gained a strong reputation for creating modern, unique and creative material. Currently Chris works full time as a Mentalist and Performer, entertaining the real world, and sharing his routines, methods and approach to Mentalism in the Magic world.


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