Chinese Secret By Wiz Spencer

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Take a classic childhood game and mix it with clever magical thinking and you get Chinese Secret by Wiz Spencer!

Most people remember the Chinese Fortune Teller – a classic of childhood nostalgia. A folded piece of paper able to apparently predict the future like an origami Magic 8 ball. Labelled with colours and numbers with eight flaps concealing messages.

Wiz Spencer has taken the classic game and turned it into a wonderful magic piece. A spectator freely shuffles a deck of cards, which are then laid on the table. The Chinese Fortune Teller is brought out and a spectator is instructed, or rather reminded, how to use it. They select a colour, then count to that colour. They see numbers and freely choose one, counting to that number, and so forth. Then, the flap of their final selected number, for example 9, reads as a playing card, for example 6 of clubs. When the shuffled deck is dealt down to the 9th card, it is indeed the 6 of clubs.

  • Spectator shuffles the deck
  • Free choices made throughout
  • Very easy to perform

Chinese Secret is a wonderfully nostalgic routine that takes your spectator back to their childhood while experiencing an impossible effect. Perfect for strolling, close-up and mix-and-mingle events.

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