Charles Gyu – Charles Note (Re-Upload)

< Charles Note > By Charles Gyu

‘Charles Note’ from Charles Kim was written 10 years ago and

it’s an ancient relic like a fossil by now.

But don’t be fooled by it’s old age. It revived for it’s fun magics and great visuals.

Try ‘Sleeving Routine’ & ‘Silk Idea’ tricks and feel the magic of ‘Charles Note’!

< Charles Note > By Charles Gyu

Charles Note는 Charles Gyu의 10년도 더 지난 화석같은 고대유물입니다.

오래되었다고 무시하기에는 너무 비주얼하고 재미있는 마술이기에

당당하게 다시 세상으로 부활했습니다.

Sleeving routine , Silk Idea 두가지 아이디어에서 깊이를 느껴보세요!


< Charles Note > By Charles Gyu

Charles NoteはCharles Gyuの既に10年以上立ってる化石のような古代遺物です。


Sleeving routine , Silk Idea二つのアイディアから深みを感じてみて下さい!

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