Chaos by Mathieu Bich (R Upload Nitroflare)

A masterpiece 15 years in the making. The effect of Chaos is quite simple: a deck of cards is freely shown in random order – then impossibly reshapes itself into perfect, new-deck order.

Since 2001, Mathieu Bich has been working on a method for Chaos that was easy to perform, practical, and mind-numbingly FAIR. It’s perhaps the most deceptive card trick ever done.

Watching Chaos is experiencing a work of art. It has a beginning, middle, and end. All the way through, your spectators will be engaged and completely, utterly, devastatingly fooled.

Each phase builds upon the last, leading up to a kicker ending that simply defies explanation. There’s no sleight of hand, and with 30 minutes of practice, you can perform it right out of the box. Everything you need is included and ready to perform.

Chaos by Mathieu Bich
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