Chain Gain by Rouis Yamagishi

Impossible to Win the game?

Chain Monte without Table…

Magician makes two loops with a chain, between two hands.

Now the magician asks the spectator to play the game.

The rule is very simple.
#1. Ask the spectator to insert their finger into one of the loops.

#2. If the chain is tangled up with their finger — It means the spectator WINS the game.

#3. If the chain is slipped out of their finger — It means the spectator loses the game.

It seems the spectator obviously has a 50% chance of winning….. However, the spectator NEVER wins the game…

– The old monte trick with chain needs to perform on the table.
New ideas & improvements by Nojima & Yamagishi allow you to perform this magic even you’re standing up.

– Since the table is NOT necessary to perform this magic, this is perfect for table-hopping.

– No Angle Restrictions

– Nothing will be exposed even 1 inch away.

***As a bonus trick — A great effect “Triple Through” by Nojima is introduced and explained. 
Magician wraps the chain a few layers around the hand. However, the chain instantly escapes from the hand.

Chain Gain by Rouis Yamagishi

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