New York Lecture Notes by Peter Turner (PDF) (only Premium)

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Peter Turner was due to lecture at New York back in 2017 but due to ill health, hospital visits and the loss of his Father, it was put on the back burner.

After talking with several of the people who had intended to attend the lecture they asked if Peter had prepared notes. The answer is YES! Peter had planned something special for his trip to New York and thought he would make the notes available for anyone who was interested.

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Jhana by Watkins (PDF) (only Premium)

Jhana is the first limited edition book from the creative mind of Watkins.

He has agreed to finally release some of the work he has kept mainly to himself and only shared with a few of his close friends, up until now.

After slowly building his reputation as one of the stand out under-ground creators amongst his peers we have decided it is time to finally let others know about him and for his ingenious ideas to be shared with the community, as a whole.

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The Magic of Johnny Thompson (2 VOLUME) (PDF) (only Premium)

“We have been fans of Johnny Thompson for more than forty years. He has helped create and refine virtually every branch of our stage and television work.” –Penn & Teller

“Johnny is not only the most knowledgeable and proficient magician I have ever met, he is also a great teacher who is happy to share his knowledge… I have learned more about magic from Johnny Thompson than anyone else in the world.” –Lance Burton

“More than 40 years ago Johnny Thompson welcomed me into his home and into his confidence. Since that day, every time I’ve met with Johnny I have learned something valuable from him about the real secrets of magic. These books are a treasure trove of knowledge from a true Master who has seen it all, done it all, and is generous enough to share his wisdom with the rest of us.” –Michael Weber

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I Create As I Speak 2: Hypnosis by Lewis Le Val (PDF) (only Premium)

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“I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this knowledge. Use with caution.”
– Lewis Le Val.

Lewis Lé Val is a master hypnotist from the UK. He has travelled the world performing incredible demonstrations of mind control on stage, close up and on his TV shows that have been seen in over 224 countries worldwide.

With his first book, “I Create As I Speak”, Lé Val discussed suggestion and hypnosis without trance. In this incredible new offering, he discusses all of his work on true hypnosis, honed over years of real world performances.

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