The Book Of The Fallen By Fraser Parker (PDF) (only Premium)

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The Book Of The Fallen is the second volume of The Book Of Angels by Fraser Parker.

There was too much material in Fraser’s notebooks to include in only one volume and still have the book make sense on its own, so Fraser decided to release his work in two separate books with a gap of six-ten Months between each release.

This way those new to his work would have time to digest the many different concepts, principles and subtleties taught in the first volume before delving further into his ingenious thought process.

It is not necessary to already own The Book Of Angels for this latest work to make sense – however, you may wish to own both as they are intended to go with each other.

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Foreseen by Joel Dickinson (PDF) (only Premium)

Bildergebnis für Foreseen by Joel Dickinson (PDF)

Joel Dickinson presents, Foreseen. A “Which Hand” routine with a BIG difference. An effect for mentalists and magicians.

What are people saying?

“Joel has really moved forward the ‘Which Hand’ plot. This is a very elegant solution, with some clever thinking and efficient routining.”
– Marc Paul, mentalist and creator 

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People Skills by Matt Mello (PDF)

People Skills is a demonstration in which you predict the decisions a person will make on a crowd of people. Your main participant openly chooses if people will go to the left side of the stage, the right side of

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Mark Chandaue’s HARPACROWN by Mark Chandaue (PDF) (only Premium)

Mark Chandaue’s Harpacrown Deluxe Collector’s Edition is a beautifully bound premium book lovingly created to look good on any shelf and last a lifetime. It contains 322 pages which includes everything in the Standard Edition and six bonus chapters including contributions from:

  • Mark Elsdon
  • John Carey
  • Michael Murray
  • Myke Phillips

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One Eye of God by Fraser Parker (PDF) (only Premium)

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One Eye Of God ist ein Peek-Kuvert wie kein anderer. Es ist ein völlig eigenständiger, normaler und attraktiver Geschenkkarten-ähnlicher Umschlag. Es kann auf beiden Seiten völlig undurchsichtig gezeigt werden, aber Sie können immer klar durchsehen, wann immer Sie es