Carpenter’s Revenge presented by Dan Harlan

Tommy Wonder was an incredible performer, well-known for his smooth sleight-of-hand, masterful misdirection, and devious devices. And now, a modern master of magical creativity shares his favorite Tommy Wonder creations with you as Dan Harlan presents “The Best of the Books of Wonder.” Lesson Nine is Carpenter’s Revenge. Dan Harlan dives back into Tommy’s building for a beautifully visual illusion.

Once again some arts and crafts results in an incredibly cool device. This time, you’ll learn how to make a “quantum field generator” that allows two solid objects to occupy the same space at the

same time… in this case, a knife through a card. The knife can be cleanly seen going right through the center of the card, yet the card remains undamaged. It’s quite puzzling! In this lesson, you’ll learn Harlan’s re-design which makes the construction a bit easier. And the brand-new handling allows the effect to be observed by a larger group.

Carpenter’s Revenge includes detailed building instructions with Dan Harlan so that you can easily construct the necessary gimmicks right from home. This takes the brilliance of Tommy Wonder’s construction and puts it within your grasp. Subscribe to the entire series today and elevate your magic with the best of The Books of Wonder.


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    This just showed up today but it says link removed due to inactivity ? Can you fix that ?


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