Card Through Deck – Elian Agaian

Yuval Keren and Elian Agaian inventors of ‘Credit Card Decoder’ have created a new and impressive ‘Card Through Deck’ magic routine.

  • Any Playing Card
  • Any Deck
  • No Switches
  • No Force
  • Examinable at start and end of routine

Grab an audience, a deck of cards and a sharpie and you are ready to perform this miracle. A card is selected and signed, a black line is then drawn on with a sharpie. The spectator then selects another card and folds it down the middle along its length. The signed card is replaced onto the deck and you take the other folded selection and begin to penetrate it into the signed card that is on top of the deck. The audience watches in amazement as the card begins to slice right through the WHOLE deck! The folded selection melts right through the deck like a hot knife through butter. The remainder of the card can be extracted by the spectator to make sure the magic happens in their hands too! Once the penetration has occured the unharmed deck can be inspected leaving your spectators wondering what has just happened!

The signed playing card and the deck can be completely examined at the end of the routine.

Download :  RapidgatorUploadableUploaded | Uploadboy

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