Bulldog by Joel Dickinson (only Premium)

“I am super impressed by the thinking here. Wish I had thought of it!” –Matt Johnson

“Joel always comes up with practical, direct methods for strong effects and Bulldog is no exception.” –Ben Williams

“The second I saw this, I knew I would be using it! It’s simple, versatile and soo damn clever! I absolutely love it, and so will everyone else! Get it! It’s GOLD!” –Jamie Daws

When choosing a closer for your card magic set, there are a few things to take into consideration:

You need this final effect to be incredibly powerful, memorable, impossible and it’s REALLY nice if you can include a call back to the beginning of your set so your act comes full circle to give you an automatic applause cue and a resolved finish.

BULLDOG by Joel Dickinson ticks all of the above boxes. It can be used as a stand alone effect, or as the final phase to ANY signed card routine!

The best part is that it’s SUPER easy to make with a couple items you already have at home, it resets in seconds and you can use the same gimmick over and over and over and over! (It’ll take a long time to wear out, and when it does, it will take just a minute or two to make a new one!)

Here’s what happens; you show two folded cards clipped together (use a bulldog clip, a paperclip, a peg – Anything!) at the beginning of your set. You isolate this ‘prediction’ in a wine glass, or leave it in the middle of the table as you proceed to perform your other favourite tricks.

As your set comes to a close you draw attention back to the clipped cards. You remove the clip (which is examinable, by the way) and open the first card. This card predicts the card that they selected at the top of the act! **Hit One**

You then open up the second card, or hand it to a spectator to open and unbelievably, it is the signed card that they saw lost in the deck just moments before! **K.O.**

Seeing Joel perform BULLDOG when we shot this was a dream come true – When you’re shooting magic videos you NEED to be shooting the hardest hitting effects possible to get those HUGE reactions. BULLDOG definitely fit the bill and it was a lot of fun to see how FLOORED every group was when Joel closed his set with this!

A few things to consider:

– This will work with any deck of cards.

– Joel has worked this countless times, so you’ll be learning everything you need to know to go out and perform this with a just tiny bit of practice.

– You don’t have to use a bulldog clip, it could be anything that can hold two cards together.

– For mentalists, with a bit of thought this could easily work as a confabulation or prediction of any kind if you use business cards.

– The secret is diabolical, they will never figure this one out; it looks even better in person than it does on video.

Order now, download instantly, and learn your new favourite closer!

Bulldog by Joel Dickinson (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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