Brainstormer by Mark Leveridge

Brainstormer - Mark Leveridge - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Imagination becomes reality as a spectator’s named card prints inside a blank deck of playing cards.

“Brainstormer” is a fun and powerful piece of card magic brought to you by Mark Leveridge and BigBlindMedia.

Here is how “Brainstormer” works…

A deck of cards is removed from its case and spread to show that all the cards are blank on both the faces and the back. You explain how this is what a deck of cards looks like before it gets printed.

You then explain how, despite the fact they can’t see it, you’ve actually already arranged the deck so that all the red cards and black cards are separated. The “red” and “black” halves are spread separately, with the “red” half closer to the spectator.

Picking up the “red” pile, you explain how, despite the fact they can’t see any faces, your spectator should be able to pick out any red card. You then invite them to name any red card.

Let’s say they name the Four of Diamonds. The playing cards are then spread out and the spectator is invited to touch any card. This card is removed and, although it is still blank, you assure the spectator that it is indeed the Four of Diamonds they named.

You then attempt to recreate this feat with the black pile of cards in front of you. You name a black card, Eight of Spades, and then slip out a card. Flipping it over, you exuberantly claim it is indeed the Eight of Spades!

At this point, the spectators are not too amazed because the cards still look blank. In an attempt to further prove this, you take their card and place it “face up” on your pile and cut it to the center. This is then repeated to get your card into the center of their pile.

This makes it so now each pile is the same color except one card (the named and selected cards). As they are the odd cards out, they should stand out much clearer. The two packets are then ribbon spread again to show an Eight of Spades face up in one half and the spectator’s freely named Four of Diamonds in the other.

  • No sticky stuff
  • No roughing stuff
  • No finnicky gaffs
  • No extra cards

“Brainstormer” by Mark Leveridge comes with everything you need to perform, including a specially-printed deck of Bicycle Playing Cards that makes it easy to perform.

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