Boxed In by Jason Silberman

In this download you are going to learn how to make 3 gimmicks that will enable you to come up with some mind bending routines. You are already provided with several effects which include:

Card and Coin Transpo: A visual transposition of a signed card and a borrowed and signed coin.

Coin through Box: A coin visually penetrates a closed card box. (Non-visual handling included)

Card in Box: A super clean card in box method that is easy to do.

Card Under Box: Have a prediction card, which has been sitting under the box the whole time, MATCH the thought of card that a spectator freely thinks of.

BONUS: X-Tension: a visually stretching card effect that is practical and easy to make.

With 15 minutes of instruction, you get a bunch of magic to spark your creativity!

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