Bluff (3 DVD Set) by Queen of Heart Productions


DVD 1 – “Faites vos jeux”

  • Yoann – Sedna (cards). A face-up card between two face-down cards visualy transforms into a previously chosen card
  • Cyrille – Hold’on for Hold’ Em (gambling). How gamblers win at Hold’Em

  • Arthur – One Coin Flash (coins). A coin appears, disappears and…
  • Paul – Hofzy (cards). A solution for an Hofzinser’s aces problem
  • Dimitri – Moulin Rouge 2 (flourish). One of the most beautiful flourish ever created
  • Maxime – Melo (flourish). A small flourish
  • Paolo – Gemma (roses). A rose appears, disappears and is rediscovered
  • Yoann – Astral (cards). A production of four cards with a surprise
  • Maxime – Black Coffee (flourish). A beautiful cut

DVD 2 – “Les jeux sont faits”

  • Yoann – Bruxelles (cards). A very visual discovery of two chosen cards
  • Cyrille – Bluffle Shuffle (gambling). A false riffle-shuffle
  • Arthur – Copsilver (coins). A visual copper/silver transposition in the spectator’s hands
  • Dimitri – CanaSpin (flourish). A card spin at your fingertips
  • Maxime – JJ (cards). A one-card kind of Reset
  • Paolo – Zlata (coins, roses). A coin transforms into a rose
  • Arthur – Incandescent (coins). A coin visualy appears at your fingertips
  • Cyrille – Black Beat (gambling). A lesson in dishonesty when playing Draw Poker

DVD 3 – “Rien ne va plus”

  • Yoann – Sonic Boom (cards). Four cards are produced and visualy change to four other cards
  • Cyrille – Black Jacky (gambling). A blackjack demonstration where the dealer wins although the players shuffled the deck
  • Arthur – Three F-light (coins). A classic “three coins vanishing routine” revisited
  • Paul – Don (cards). An ambitious aces routine with a final twist
  • Dimitri – Hexagon (flourish). Or how to build and hexagon with a pack of cards
  • Maxime – Jocky (cards). A joker is split into two chosen cards
  • Paolo – Motil (roses). Three roses appear one at a time
  • Dimitri – Fanny (flourish). A fan spins at your fingertips
  • Paolo – Value (coins, rings). A Spellbound sequence with a coin and a ring
  • Maxime – Agora 3.0 (flourish). Need a third hand?

Running Time Approximately: 150mins

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