Block by Dee Christopher

“Oh boy, what a clever man Dee is. Simple gimmick to make, solid full p##k, and great ideas from the mind of a clever gentleman. An excellent tool to achieve mind reading.” Pablo Amira

“Block is one of the best peek devices I’ve EVER used!” Lewis Lé Val

“Get it. Trust me.” Tom Mullenger

“It’s rare that I’m fooled, but this TOTALLY fooled me. I’m going to make one now!” Peter Antoniou

“The Block Peek was a surprise and revelation. It also offers considerable advantages over some other peeks – you get a full card peek and the peek needn’t be rushed. A strong 9/10.” NeilS (MagicCafe)

“This is one of those ‘slap your face I should have thought of this’ moments… Its a peek I LOVE to use and I’m glad he’s finally getting this out there on a bigger scale!” Alan Rorrison

Dee Christopher finally divulges the FULL work on his BLOCK concept. You could walk into a room with just this gimmick and blow the minds of the entire room, one by one.

– The reset is instant.

– The construction will take you 30 seconds.

– The handling is logical, fun and easy to do.

The Block Concept was a stand out piece from “Deeper Still” and gained a lot of attention when it was briefly covered in Dee’s Penguin Live Lecture.

Never before has this much detail gone into the construction of the devious gimmick and the un-gimmicked versions (which you will LOVE!) have never been published before.

This is not a short, 5 minute download. Dee takes over 40 minutes to discuss the intricacies of this amazing method, as well as interweaving tid-bits of theory and advice to apply to your own performances.

Block by Dee Christopher
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