Bill Breaker by Bizzaro

“Bill breaker is flash fast and visually stunning!” – Jeff McBride

“Bill breaker is simple and organic. It’s the kind of magic I love!” – Calen Morelli

“It’s quick, it’s visual, and unlike some other bill changes, it’s incredibly easy to do.” – Rick Lax

“It’s quick, visual magic…”– Shawn Farquhar

“I love Bill Breaker because it makes sense! It’s magically convenient and works perfectly in real life.” – Justin Flom

“This thing looks AMAZING and is one of the most practical pieces of bill magic out there. It’s so fast and clean!” – Dalton Wayne

Bizzaro, the creator of the Color Changing Sponge Ball, is back with an effect that is quick, visual and requires little explanation.

Imagine turning a five dollar bill into five ones with the wave of your hand. Bill Breaker gives you an opportunity to catch your audience by surprise by performing magic with a normal object. Bill Breaker can be performed as a simple and visual bill change, a bill to bill transposition or as the “making change” effect. You can perform Bill Breaker in line at the grocery store, in a crowded bar and, especially, at your next strolling gig.

Are you are looking for the next trick that goes in your wallet? Are you looking for the next trick you will perform everywhere you go? Well look no further because BILL BREAKER is it.

Bill Breaker by Bizzaro
Download : Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare (only Premium )


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