Big Brother by Brian Connor (only Premium)

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Your phone will be able to name any playing card the spectator chooses. NO FORCES. NO SWITCHES.


A deck is brought into play. Borrowed it doesn’t matter. No one sees the faces. The spectator chooses any playing card and keeps it face down. You now ask your Google assistant what card the spectator has chosen.

Google clearly and correctly names the card, even includes the spectators name for peeps sake.

Brian also teaches a ACAAN routine that is perfect for anyone even that picky someone like your cat.

This can be done anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Big Brother is watching.

In Collaboration with Lost Art Magic, this is Big Brother by Brian Connor.

George Orwell warned us about the dangers of empowering robots… but Brian’s done it anyway.

In Big Brother the spectator selects a card from the deck. A completely free choice.

You then ask the internal robot in your phone to name a playing card. “The 4 of Hearts” it says.

The selection is turned over and BAM, it’s the 4 of Hearts. Your audience goes BONKERS.

**Gasps** / **Screams** / **Running away briefly only to come back to ask you how it’s done**

Was there ever any doubt? You’re a magician after all, even the way you breathe is incredible.

– No custom magic app.
– Uses the genuine Google Assistant.
– Can be performed signed. It’s pointless and adds nothing to the effect… but it can be.
– Android and iPhone compatible.

Don’t worry iPhone users, you can break-up with Siri and use the official Google Assistant too. FREE.

Brian teaches you how to train it to do what you want. Like a tamagotchi that you never need to feed… and that does magic.

He runs through everything in incredible detail, but the crazy ‘phone-istry’ spins are not taught. Big Brother is more than enough to impress your audience already. Without busting out those moves.

Learn ‘Big Brother’ TODAY.

“… Brian” – Spidey

Big Brother by Brian Connor (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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  1. czech poker… will be askin until new years eve

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