Benjamin Earl – The Family – March 2023 (ALL 12 Video)

The Family Podcast – March 2023

A 1st birthday celebration, light artillery, 10% extra sexiness, Cosmic Penis, Taxidermy Vernon, feathers and chicken beaks, secret Bottom Palm bonuses, a bed illusion, the world’s worst company, the world’s shallowest bowls, Blackpool madness, non-gimmicked gimmicks, chicken wing piss taking, a secret session Force, the Paddle King, creepy dolls, Hocus Poster! Vegan Steven! Insta-Wham! Credit Crunch! Creepto Currency! Mental Rice! Lionmph (or Brian the lion)… and a general sense of mental decline.

A continuous, improvised practice session on the Bottom Palm:

  • Slow-motion action
  • Pinkie pull-down
  • Instant palming + various actions
  • Post-palm natural movements
  • Invisible deck work
  • Pinning
  • Pinning + invisible deck work
  • Pinning + gesture palms
  • Natural actions
  • Fan Palm
  • Overhand Shuffle Palm
  • Instant Swing Cut Palm
  • False Swing Cut Palm
  • Left hand retreating
  • Small packet palms
  • Deck turnover palms
  • Cop to full palm
  • Various natural actions + replacements
  • Palm to table work + transfers + replacements
  • Erdnase tabled bottom palm

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