Benjamin Earl – Blood Sweat And Tears – Session Three – Tears

TEARS (10pm UK)

Scary Effects – Learn five advanced effects and techniques that will make people’s eyes and minds explode

1 hour session Followed by 15 minute Q&A

Overly Ambitious – An elite handling of the Ambitious Card.

Four The Hard Way – A spectator freely and cleanly removes four cards from a shuffled deck… which prove to be four-of-a-kind.

Trovac  – A stunning, visual demonstration of sleight of hand… using only one hand!

You Decide – A card is selected under test conditions and appears in any one of the performer’s pockets… chosen by the spectator.

Ridiculous – A clever demonstration of pseudo skill for locating four-of-a-kind from a shuffled deck.

You will also learn a Fan Steal, a One-handed Shift, an impossible card switch, a creative use of a false shuffle and much more!

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