Basement by Takahiro

Takahiro – Basement (Gimmick not included, Japanese audio only) –  erdnasemagicstore

Super Visual Card Thru Table Magic! Takahiro, creator of “Explanation” did it again!!

Courtesy reminder that this is not recommended for beginner-beginner. If you do know the ‘know-how’ of the basics then it will be your real powerful tool.

You can also use business card, advertisement card, etc… As long as your card fits within the size of the bicycle card. You can also use it to alternative performance such as ‘Card to Wallet’ with this method.

You will receive the instructional DVD with 2 different routines. One with using a gimmick and the other one is without the gimmick.

It was well-talked about item in Japan even before the been released. It’s worth it.

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