BankWave by John Carey (only Premium)

“Oh man, that is so clever, it fooled me badly the first time I saw it, and even the second time watching it, I wasn’t sure! Finally a completely different and diabolic approach – I wish I would have had John’s idea!” – Jan Forster

“Bank Wave checks off all my boxes for a great routine. It’s simple In concept, direct in plot and completely interactive. Congratulations are in order!” – Michael Kaminskas

John Carey is known for his unique twists on classic card plots, so when he came to us with the promise of unique close up mentalism our ears pricked up in anticipation!

BankWave did not disappoint.

In the classic bank night effect, the magician is left with the one envelope out of four that the audience members did not choose. It contains a little folded up bill or a message proving that you knew which envelope they’d leave behind.

John’s BankWave is different and even more impossible.

In BankWave, you have EIGHT envelopes. Your spectator freely chooses four for themselves and four for you.

All four of their envelopes are empty, and the four they selected for you to keep each contain a bill – proving your incredible skills of psychological influence!

What’s even more amazing (for us magicians, anyway…) is that there are no loads or secret switching moves, everything is examinable before and after the effect and the spectator mixes EVERYTHING.

While John performs this close up, your imagination is your only limit; you could perform this on stage with large coloured envelopes, or envelopes with words or pictures upon them.

This is the perfect starting point to create your own signature routine; regardless of how comedic or serious a performer you are. We like the original routine though; clean cut, slick and ultra-powerful.

Download BankWave today, and use it to close your table sets… Nothing hits them harder!

BankWave by John Carey (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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  2. 21st century Shaman from Lewis le Val please 🙂

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