BaKoRe Magic – FINALE By G.B (Video+PDF)

FINALE By: G.B. – BaKoRe Magic


The effect is simple. You throw a Balloon to the audience. You take the entire audience on an imaginary vacation. You collect 5-6 pieces of information about your trip (you can change it to anything you like). The last person receiving the balloon is invited to join you on stage. You explain that you need a voucher to go on this vacation and ask him/her to give it to you.

Of course, he/she will have no idea where the voucher is until you explain that they had it all the time and it is inside the balloon! The spectator confirms he can hear and see it inside the balloon.

He burst the balloon, and inside, a rolled white paper tied a red ribbon.

He/she untied the ribbon and read the paper’s content to reviele a funny story that included all the information the audience had just selected!

A whole 8-10 min routine, filled with comedy, storyline, and a massive climax.

This new system will enable you to perform this with 100% bulletproof.


* No Force

* No Electronics

* No Assistant (perform solo)

* NO Big Props to Carry – Packed Small ( Less than 3 lb / 1.5kg) and plays very big

* Everything has a reason, and every move is logical.

* Includes all you need to perform this effect.  ( material for 24 shows included)

* Workers dream!

You will need to buy refills to perform more shows after the initial supply finishes at a very reasonable price. (a couple of dollars per show only for refills).

For the Refills page,  click here!

Prediction paper size is approximately: 5″ x 12.5″ inch (12.5cm x 38cm)

Limited edition, each FINALE is numbered and certified!

* If you are not yet a Bakore-verified client, you will need to do a short verification process (answering a 1-page questionnaire and uploading a quick video). This is a one-time process. You will not need to redo it in the future.  

Available exclusively on and nowhere else! 

Each Finale is certified and numbered to its owner!

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