Artist: Remastered (2 DVDs) by Lukas (only Premium)

The latest release from Lukas Crafts!

Lukas has done it again. He redefines the meaning of stage lectures in his newest DVD, Artist: Remastered.

Artist: Remastered is not just a stage lecture, but a new approach and interpretation of magic from none other than Lukas himself.

With his reinterpretation of the classics, Lukas brings you a variety of routines that showcases his unique and creative mind.

5 acts and over 20 sequences!

Dancing Cane, Miser’s Dream, cards, ropes, thimbles, balls, and so much more.

The classics are reborn and reinterpreted for the modern audience.


  • Take 5
  • Black Hole
  • Feel Free
  • Bubble’s Dream
  • Time Flow
  • Bonus
  • And Interview

– 2 DVD set
– Running time: 220 min

Artist: Remastered (2 DVDs) by Lukas (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Please, can you upload Undeniable by Jay Sankey? Thanks

  2. . PROJECT POLAROID by Julio Montoro and Finix Chan

    . Jan Forster PENGUIN LECTURE


  3. Please reupload this, the link is dead

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