Arrangements by Lennart Green with Erik Tait

The master of chaos. A FISM champion. Lennart Green has a unique way of handling cards that results in stunning miracles that delight magicians and lay audiences alike. Now, never before seen footage of Lennart Green teaching some of his most overlooked techniques is finally available to the magic public. You’ll learn some of the most deceptive methods of controlling cards that Lennart Green has along with additional tips and techniques from your host, Erik Tait. These are Lennart Green’s Arrangements.

This project focuses on two devastating card controls: the Rosetta Shuffle and The 1-2 Separation.

The Rosetta Shuffle is a unique method of shuffling cards where two columns of chaos are spun up out of the deck and mashed together, hopelessly destroying any possible stacks. Yet, as chaotic

as it seems, the deck is still discovered to be in New Deck Order. In addition to the introductory tutorial from Lennart Green, Erik Tait shares additional handling tips that make this beautiful shuffle even easier and more deceptive.

The 1-2 Separation is a one-two punch of secret card arrangements. More accessible than a cull and more open than the Angle Separation, this method of separating the cards into colored groups is something your audience will never see coming. In addition to the separation, you’ll learn to use it for an instant card discovery and an astonishingly fair Out Of This World. Plus, for the first time, Erik shares his method of doing the 1-2 Separation in the hands and using it for a full deck slow-motion oil and water sequence.

Lennart Green invented some of the most offbeat and deceptive card moves in modern magic. Erik Tait has spent a lifetime studying these techniques and using them to fool magicians. The methods taught in this project are easy to do for magicians of all skill levels. Beginners will learn amazing ways to control the deck. Experienced magicians will learn nuances that have never been revealed before now. Get a deck of cards and prepare to learn some new Arrangements.

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