Any Cards at any Numbers by Jared Kopf

Any Cards at any Numbers - Jared Kopf - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A stunning feat of the mind, Jared Kopf’s Any Cards at any Numbers will leave your audience stunned and take your reputation to a whole new level. Imagine, a spectator and yourself choose two separate cards. Then, as if by a miracle, you know the position of their selection, and they know the exact position of yours.

An intricately woven architecture makes Kopf’s effect absolutely baffling–to both laymen and conjurors alike. If you’re looking for a new closing effect, or just a hard-hitting stand alone piece, you have to pick up Any Cards at any Numbers. You won’t regret it.

And for those of you familiar with Karl Fulves’ work, Jared has streamlined and improved a diabolical method you may already know which uses a common magic prop that you probably own.

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