ANIMALISTIC By Alexander Laguna

Imagine to divine thought of an animal in just secs. Thru the years in the past civilization, animals were a spiritual aspect for humans, as they worship them as goddess creatures to bring peace and wisdom to their colony and culture. The strange story ever heard was that many civilians communicate with the animals as people, as they use telepath readings.

Animalistic is a propless mentalism effect to know what thought of an animal that the spectator is freely thinking. The best part is that you can perform this almost instantly. The spectator can freely choose whatever animal they like. This is also possible to perform this even without the spectator saying anything. This is great if you want a quick and easy effect with nothing on you and

struggling to get a gimmick involved.

– Totally propless
– Work 100% on every performance
– Works any language
– Any animal thought of and numerous to choose.
– They can change their mind
– Perform this with billets if you like
– Reset instantly

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