Andrus Card Control 3 by Jerry Andrus (only Premium)

More incredible moves from the legendary Jerry Andrus are now available for studying!

John Redmon continues his master class on Jerry Andrus’s legendary material! This volume focuses on the Sidewinder move and its incredible applications.

  • Intro
  • Sidewinder Shift (book method)
  • New Sidewinder Shift (Jerry’s last version)
  • Sidewinder Shift to Top of Bottom
  • Sidewinder Shift with Multiple Cards
  • Using Poker Sized Cards
  • Card to Any Small Number Performance and Explanation
  • Sidewinder Deal
  • Tracker Jacks Explanation
  • Sidewinder Clip
  • Sidewinder Palm
  • Sidewinder Shuffle (multiple card control)
  • Sidewinder Turnover (reversal)
  • Any Card Thought of to Any Number Thought of Performance and Explanation
  • Conclusion

Download the video and begin learning these fabulous card controls and more.

Andrus Card Control 3 by Jerry Andrus (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Bro, can you please reupload the wordsmyth by francis menotti??

  2. Can you upload the first volume? Andrus Card Control 1 , it is important to follow this.

  3. Re upload pliss

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