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People Power - Andi Gladwin - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Andi Gladwin shares one of her most cherished routines!

People Power “is an engaging, show-tested parlor and stage routine that embodies the idea of ​​pack small play big “.

At first glance, you would never believe that the singular slim record you receive can be

used for a captivating five to seven minute number that allows you to perform for an audience of 10 to 1000 people!

Andi has been performing this effect around the world for decades, including a performance on Masters of Illusion.

Now Andi Gladwin & Vanishing Inc. is making “People Power” available with all accessories included for the first time. This multi-phase prediction routine is super easy to do and revolves around the idea of ​​hosting a game show where you always know the outcome. Six spectators are invited to participate in a game in three elimination stages. They make all the choices freely, but you perfectly predict who will win the game with 100% accuracy every time.

Implementing an innovative new approach to the Equivocal and Chair Test style routines , “People Power” is simple to perform. It only takes a few minutes to learn it. Every detail has been carefully considered so you don’t have to worry about the “bad” results that sometimes get in the way of routines like this.  

“People Power” comes with everything you need to perform, including premium, specially designed game cards, numbered envelopes, and the slim, handy folder that holds everything. You will be able to walk on a stage of any size with accessories that can be easily held in one hand!

The included English instruction video leaves nothing to chance. In addition to the main routine, Andi shows you how to adapt “People Power” to any environment or audience. As a bonus, you’ll also learn the real work behind the amped up routine Andi featured on Masters of Illusion where you not only predict the winner, but also the prize they’ll pick. It cleverly uses a few extra things that you probably already have or can easily get.

Whether you present it as a fun game show or a true showcase of influence, every audience in front of you will love “People Power”!

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