ANDANTE Murder Mystery by Andreas Dante (PDF)

This is the ultimate murder mystery game for you: propless, impromptu and without limitations.

Meet a group of strangers and ask them to play a murder mystery game with you: In your absence they define who plays the

murderer in the group. Each individually decides to be either a shameless liar or an honest truth teller. Once you are back you are in the role of Dr. Lightman from “Lie to me”. You ask very few and simple questions, look into their eyes, check their mimics and find out who are the liars and who is the murderer.

This is propless mentalism that needs no stooges, no mathematics, no psychological skills and is still 100% sure fire every single time.
You get full participant involvement: From 3 to more than 20 participants – so it also plays big on large stages.

The Facts:
– 100% impromptu – no setup & instant reset!
– No gimmicks required
– 100% Sure fire – every single time!
– Very easy for participants – they just say: yes or no
– Works with complete strangers
– Works in any language
– No preshow or stooges
– No fishing
– 100% angle proof
– No sleight of hands, no mathematics
– Best suitable for parties, table hopping and stage

Teaching material: PDF with illustrations.


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